- Vehicle Solution -
Pontron's intelligent transportation system can be used not only on buses, taxis and trucks, but also on high-speed rail, bullet train and train control systems for data collection. Pontron’s intelligent transportation system products have anti-high temperature, anti-dust, anti-vibration and other perfect feature. For example, the multi-POE Lan ports can be directly connected to the IP camera monitoring, which makes the vehicle more comfortable, entertaining, safe and convenient.

- Military Industry Solution -
With the increasing importance of national security, the government, military and all walks attach great importance to strengthening the integrated development of the military industry. Military portable computer that can be movable at any time and any place is designed for a variety of harsh environments. Pontron’s portable computer meets anti-water, anti-moisture, anti-dust, anti-magnetic, and prevent information leakage etc., which can be applied to all kinds of the worst military field environment. It can be used in field, carrier, airborne, underwater and air launch, communication and other environments.

- ND (National Defence) Solution -
A strong national defense is a fundamental plan that affects the survival of the country and the nation, the rise and fall of honor and disgrace. It is also a need to safeguard the fundamental interests of the country. Reliable and sturdy defense military equipment has become essential. Pontron's IP rate rugged panel and rugged embedded BOX PC use advanced technology and industrial-grade materials. IP67 protection rate is suitable for outdoor use of all types of severe defense military warfare environments. We support OEM/ODM, which can fully provide customers with a safe and reliable use environment.

- Communication Management Center Solution -
With the development of digital technology, the number of servers and network devices has increased dramatically, and network managers will have increasing challenges. To meet the requirements of modern management, KVM console of communication management solution came into being. Pontron's KVM switch with IP module management system is applicable to communication management centers which is suitable for data room, ETC, mobile data terminal, etc. It works for system administrators, supports access and management of enterprise information systems at any time, and quickly performs system level fault repair and System management greatly reduces the time and cost for troubleshooting.

- HMI (Human Machine Interface) Solution -
HMI (Human Machine Interface) is a medium between the system and users for interaction and exchange of information, which can realize the conversion the form between the internal information and the acceptable to humans. Pontron's HMI can support GPIO, CAN and other interfaces to fully realize the information exchange between humans and machines. It is widely applicable to digital devices such as PLC, printing industry, beauty industry and numerical control industry, where people and machines exchange information.