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ShenZhen Pontron Technology LTD, founded in 2012. Pontron focuses on industrial computer and KVM communication industry. After more than 10 years of efforts and development, Pontron became a global leader in design and manufacturing innovative embedded products and solutions. Pontron has a superb technical service team, excellent service quality, professional and safe technical service strength. We won the trust and praise in industrial control industry, in which Pontron gradually set up a good brand of the company.


  • 1.Vehicle solution
  • 2.Military industry solution
  • 3.ND (National defence) solution
  • icon10 4.Communication Management center solution
  • icon08 5.HMI (Human Machine Interface) solution
Pontron's intelligent transportation system can be used not only on buses, taxis and trucks, but also on high-speed rail, bullet train and train control systems for data collection. Pontron’s intelligent transportation system products have anti-high temperature, anti-dust, anti-vibration and other perfect feature. For example, the multi-POE Lan ports can be directly connected to the IP camera monitoring, which makes the vehicle more comfortable, entertaining, safe and convenient.
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